• APAC DA-EWG: HP has been updated

    The information of APAC 6th concept paper, Pillar4 and Pillar 5 has been uploaded.


  • The 6th APAC Meeting: Post-Meeting Follow-Up (Presentation Materials Available)

    As a reminder, we have uploaded all the presentation materials. We invite you to visit the ACHIEVEMENTS.

     6th APAC

  • The 6th APAC Meeting: Thank You for the Conference Participants

    Thank you very much for everyone who participated in the 6th APAC in Tokyo. The weather, cherry blossoms and session presentations/discussions made the conference successful. Over 320 attendees were exposed to informative and worthwhile topics related to Access To Innovative Medicines, Drug Discovery Alliances, Regulations & Approvals and Keynote Lecture by outstanding speakers. We will continue our efforts to accomplish our mission.

     6th APAC Press Release


  • The 6th APAC Meeting: Meeting Program and Venue

    Dear Sirs,
    We are pleased to announce that the 6th APAC meeting will be held in Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa on April 5, 2017. APAC is an industry-government cooperative initiative led by R&D-based pharmaceutical associations in Asia, aiming to fulfill its mission, i.e., “To expedite the launch of innovative medicines for the peoples in Asia”. In consideration of the recent movements of Asian governments’ healthcare enhancement, especially in GMP/Quality area, we will have a session on GMP in the “Access To Innovative Medicines (ATIM)” session.

    In addition to the ATIM session, we will have “Drug Discovery Alliances (DA)” session to be discussed about drug discovery cross-border open innovation using natural resources and “Regulations & Approvals (RA)” of which theme is how to extend GRM (Good Registration Management) guideline in Asia. Please see the attached program.

    Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa

     6th APAC Program

  • The 6th APAC Meeting: General Information

    When is the 6th APAC Meeting?
      April 5, 2017

    When does the last sessions end?
      Sessions will run through the evening of April 5

    What is going to be held on Day 2?
      APAC Convention (Closed, Members Only)

  • The 9th Asia regulatory Conference (ARC): Register Now!

    The 9th ARC will be held in Tokyo, 6-7 April, 2017. The online registration system is now open.

    For more information, please follow this link.

  • The 6th APAC News

    The 6th APAC will take place on April 5 and 6, 2017 in Tokyo. The conference will offer a wide range of topics including:

    - ATIM Session
    ・Promoting Efficacy in GMP Review

    - DA Session
    ・Dawning Era in Drug Discovery with Natural Resources in Asia

    - RA Session
    ・Toward Efficient & High-Quality Registration Process for Innovative Medicines

    Save the date to join us in Tokyo!

    Details coming soon.

  • APAC RA-EWG collaborated with APEC LSIF RHSC for the Regulatory Science Center of Excellence Pilot Workshop on Good Registration Management (GRM) held in Taipei on November 15-17.

    APEC Good Registration Management Regulatory Science CoE (Center of Excellence) pilot workshop was held in Taipei on November 15-17, 2016. APAC RA-EWG participated in this kick-off workshop as one of the co-organizers and supported the Applicant-specific session on the Good Submission Practices.

     GRM Pilot CoE

  • APAC DA-EWG Events at BioJapan were held on October 11-14 successfully

    BioJapan 2016 was held from October 12 (Wed.) to October 14 (Fri.) and APAC’s DA-EWG carried out the following four activities:
    i) APAC DA-EWG Research Center Site Visit (Day 0 (Oct.11))
    ii) APAC Business Development Partnering Conference (Day 1 (Oct.12))
    iii) APAC Bio Japan Session "Modern Natural Products Drug Discovery in Asia" (Day 2 (Oct.13))
    iv) APAC DA-EWG All-Member Meeting (Day 3 (Oct.14))

     BioJapan 2016

  • JPMA’s New President Mr. Hatanaka posted Welcome Message

     Welcome Message

  • The 5th APAC materials have been listed up in the Achievements

    The outline and presentation materials of The 5th APAC meeting have been uploaded in the achievements.

     5th APAC

  • The 5th APAC was held on April 7-8 successfully

    The Fifth APAC (Asia Partnership Conference of Pharmaceutical Associations) was held on 7th and 8th April with the mission of “To Expedite the Launch of Innovative Medicines for the Peoples in Asia” under the theme of “APAC’s continues challenge to create and improve access to innovative medicines”.

     5th APAC Press Release

     5th APAC Program

     5th APAC Members

  • The 5th APAC meeting at Tokyo on April 7-8, 2016

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    On behalf of APAC (Asia Partnership Conference of Pharmaceutical Association), we are pleased to inform you that the Fifth APAC meeting will be held in Tokyo on April 7-8, 2016 under the semi-closed basis.

    APAC is an industry-driven initiative led by R&D-based pharmaceutical associations from Asian countries, aiming to fulfill the mission of “to expedite the launch of innovative medicines for the peoples in Asia”. And, the theme of the 5th meeting is “APAC’s further challenges for the creation of innovative medicines and improving access to innovative medicines”.

    In consideration of the recent movements of Asian governments’ healthcare reforms, we will have an Access To Innovative Medicines (ATIM) session at the next meeting inviting as many high ranking officers, and to discuss “what APAC can contribute toward establishing public private partnerships that will enable patients to access the innovative medicines much faster”, in addition to two expert working group session of “Regulations & Approvals” and “Drug Discovery Alliances”. Just for your reference, please see the attached program draft.

    We will feedback the outcome of the event on this web-site soon after completion of the meeting.

     5th APAC Program Draft