Pillar2 Networking Opportunity (late-stage focus)

Held in conjunction with national bio-conferences in Asia, DA-EWG has independently developed networking events for venture companies and business development representatives of large Pharmacompanies focused on development-stage assets. The largest annual event is held in conjunction with BioJapanheld in Yokohama, Japan annually, which in 2016 successfully developed into a multilateral event with attendees from China, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan.

A link to BioJapan:http://www.ics-expo.jp/biojapan/index.html

2015 APAC DA-EWG Activities at BioJapan (Networking Opportunity):PDFfile

2016 APAC DA-EWG Activities at BioJapan (Networking Opportunity): BioJapan 2016 PDFfile