Pillar4 Asia-specific diseases

Since DA-EWG is aiming to promote cross-border open innovation in “Asia”, APAC DA-EWG just started discussion about “Asia-specific Diseases” for open innovation.

◆ Our focused requirement of "Asia-specific Disease" for Pillar 4.
 1. Some researchers are working on the disease.
 (research data for project evaluation exist)

 2. Locally specific/rare or prevalent diseases without an effective treatment (high unmet medical needs) or Asian-wide prevalent or frequent diseases with ethnic background (such as genomic, environmental factors).

# Globally common diseases are not major focus because those are being addressed by major pharmaceutical companies already.

◆ Survey on Asia-specific diseases for the Pillar 4 activity revealed that Images of the targets are diverse.

We concluded that we cannot identify an appropriate disease so far.
We are collecting the information about “Bio-banks” and infectious diseases in Asia.