Introduction (Mission and 5 Pillars)

The mission of the DA-EWG is to promote open innovation in Asia in order to realize “drug discovery that originates in Asia”. DA-EWG aims to promote an Industry Driven Open Innovation that can take both the merits of government-driven and company-driven open innovation. The expert working groups activities focus on five strategic pillars:

Establish an “Information-Sharing System” to promote the exchange of drug seeds between academia and research alliance representatives in pharmacompanies, based on the Drug Seeds Alliance Network Japan (DSANJ) program.

Promote a “Networking Opportunity” at Asian bio-conferences between ventures and business development representatives in pharmacompanies, focusing on compounds in the development stage.

Support “Capacity Building” to foster young scientists working in the drug discovery field at Asian Bio-conferences, and promote governmental programs when available.

Identify "Asia-specific diseases“ targeted by cross-border collaboration. As the first step, we will collect and share information of human biobanks useful for international genomic research to find Asia-common genetic background.

Make the best use of vast natural resources for the drug discovery aiming for the “natural product drug discovery ecosystem” in Asia.